“What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.”

George Shaw


With minds still open to new and inspiring information, our tutoring is designed for the individual, their needs are nurtured and their strengths are elevated.


  • Individualised, explicit, teacher directed instruction
  • Learning will be based on individual goals taken at the Initial Assessment
  • Ongoing and careful monitoring to accurately measure performance
  • Open and honest feedback before, during and after tuition

Ages 6 – 9

For many, being creative, using your imagination, is easy. The difficulty is putting it in writing. Tutoring allows time for students to express their ideas, plan, write, proof-read and edit. Vital life-long skills.

Writing at this stage involves being able to understand the structure of sentences, increasing descriptive language and using punctuation correctly.

Ages 9 – 12

NAPLAN – while we can’t ignore it, it is important to keep a grounded perspective on its effect on students. Often time is needed to talk through a student’s anxiety and expectations of the NAPLAN.

Tutoring is the most effective tool for providing concise help and enhancement to a student in writing, preparation, planning, forming creative ideas and editing.

Children need to be shown how to love reading.

It is not a chore and should not be viewed as a stressful task. Learning to read and reading to learn is a past time all children have the right to experience.

I know the extraordinary pitfalls for students who do not read, who do not enjoy reading and who simply do not know why they should read.

Reading and comprehension form the platform for all learning. Every student in my care will gain a love of reading, be it books in any form – paper or an e-book! In addition, they will be taught all the strategies necessary to read, spell and comprehend.

Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension are the critical components for all children when reading and spelling are being taught. A comprehensive assessment will be conducted so you and your child will know where the gaps lie and where information has been mis-learnt.

We need logical and lateral thinkers:

Time to Shine offers scope and sequence in accurately planning for the needs of the individual. Mathematical computation, symbols, terms and problems are taught succinctly so to maximise success and ensure knowledge is achieved.

Learning, understanding and applying Mathematical concepts is taught using tangible manipulatives, interactive technology and engaging text. Through a series of directed and modelled instruction, the student’s skills and language are supported and their understanding is accelerated, enabling the student to retain and apply concepts to the real world.

Without belief in our self, we have little reason to smile.

For some students, they have lost their way. It may not be obvious, simply that their attitude, performance and interest in school are areas of concern for both parents and teachers.

Energy, stamina, persistence and success are some of the key focus areas when I tutor students. They set a goal, plan their intentions and admire their purpose. There is a very special and unique outcome from a child who learns to truly love who they are.

NO child is alone. NO child should feel alone.

Sadly, the pressure of school, home and media results in students feeling alone; without the ability to cope.

Every student in my care will always know the importance of resilience. They will learn strategies, use mental effort and will personally succeed at a multitude of dynamic challenges. Every child will succeed, every child will shine.