Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at Time to Shine?

First and importantly we conduct an Initial Assessment. Then we provide you with a comprehensive written report to advise of the way forward. From here we design the most effective Individualised Education Program.

When are sessions and for how long?

Sessions can be once, twice or three times per week for a whole school term. (Terms 1 & 3 are 10 weeks and Terms 2 & 4 are 9 weeks.)
We also run school holiday intensive lessons.

Early Years classes are either 30 or 45 minutes (max of 5 children or one-on-one)

Kindergarten to Year 2 – sessions are twice or three times per week for 30 or 50 minutes (one-on-one)

Year 3 to Year 12 – sessions are either 30, 50 or 90 minutes (one-on-one)

What are the initial costs for tutoring?

Initial Assessment:

Includes a thorough assessment using standardised and diagnostic tools, comprehensive written report, verbal feedback at the time of assessment and a copy of Kate’s book; “Primary Schooling: must have guide for parents”

English Assessment (90 mins)

Mathematics Assessment (90 mins)

Combination English and Mathematics Assessment (2hrs)

Dyslexia and Dyscalculia screening available on request.

What program do we use?

At Time to Shine we will only use researched evidence-based programs. These include Spelling Mastery, MultiLit, Ants in the Apple, MLATS, Maths Mastery, Little Learners Love Literacy, Jolly Phonics, just to name a few. It goes without saying that we are guided by the Australian Curriculum.

Who will be the teacher?

Time to Shine will only employ highly qualified specialists trained in education and special needs.

Will Time to Shine identify Learning Difficulties?

Yes, we are able to recognise the presence of specific learning difficulties, but only an Educational Psychologist can make a formal diagnosis.